Most of my photos are essentially street photos. Street photography can be seen as an attempt to select the visually interesting in the human and largely urban world in which we live. The resulting informal, unposed public pictures are by their very nature caught on the fly, relying on the interplay between the unconscious vision and the practiced hand and eye of the photographer. The dynamic of form and content appears more casual here than in more deliberately composed photographs, such as landscapes or portraits. However, despite or because of this absence of conscious control, street photos can often be more revealing both of the subject and of the photographer.

I have been taking photographs since my teens, mostly on the street. Though briefly I worked professionally in my 20's, I have since earned my living by other means; as a result today my photographic work is that of an amateur in the true sense of the word. I find that a small, simple, mechanical 35mm film camera that I can operate intuitively is the best tool for my vision.


Recent Exhibitions / Publications

John Beeching "Street Work", 2015

Black & White Photography, UK, May 2012

John Beeching "eye see", 2012

"eye see" - solo exhibition Diva's Café at the Black Swan Arts Centre, Frome, 18th November 2011 - 28th January 2012

"Four and Twenty Artists" - joint exhibition, Rook Lane Chapel, Frome, Somerset, 5 - 19th March, 2011

John Beeching "Three Frome Artists", 2010

"Environmental View" - solo exhibition, La Strada, Frome, Somerset, June, 2008.

"The Family of Man 2 Project" May, 2008

"Street Photos" - solo exhibition, La Strada, Frome, Somerset, February, 2007.

"Crosswalks: Contemporary Street Photography" joint exhibition, Oklahoma City Museum of Art, Oklahoma, USA, 24 May 17 September, 2006.

Black & White Photography , UK , August, 2005.

Street Photographs solo exhibition, Clotworthy Arts Centre, Antrim, 3 May 3 June, 2005.

Popular Photography , USA , May, 2004.